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Who We Are ?

Paff Studios was established in 2014. It has changed its focus to the blockchain world in 2018. Our main purpose is to develop innovative ideas and sustainable solutions in the blockchain world. Our team is currently working on metaverses and P2E games that have better gameplay and stable blockchain systems with higher rewards.


Creating a New System From The Basics

4 Years Of RnD on Blockchain
Learned and developed new technologies for blockchain while researching and found the mistakes of current products.
Faster and Reliable Development
20 + Person team with a great passion for blockchain. Agile and quick working style backed with long RnD process.
Web 3.0
Wallet integration, smart contract, NFT integration, token deployment, etc. with innovative technologies.
Game Development
Metaverse and P2E game development with unique earning mechanisim and NFT systems.

What Makes Us Different?

1 Our Vision

To create trustworthy and sustainable products while keeping the transparency with our customers in the blockchain world.

2 Our Mission

To develop our products with higher quality than the current market.

3 Our Culture

We believe in decentralized systems. Everybody have a right to keep asset private and free from control. We stand by the DAO system and the soul it represents.